That Not-So-Small Step

Published: 23rd December 2009
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"One small step for mankind, one giant leap of faith"

Taking the leap from worship sketches to theatre ministry

Lately I have been hearing from sketch-ministry directors who dream of producing a "full play." I told one of them the words that follow, and she replied, "Thank you for the kick in the pants." So please consider this next little bit my kick-in-the-pants Christmas gift to you. (If you have a different dream, feel free to substitute it.)

You love drama. (The kind on the stage, not in your household.) You dream of staging a play. You say, "I just need a little more time, a little more encouragement, some more information, and then I'll be ready." Sound familiar?

Let God fan the flame of your creative spark, making it an inferno!

If God has given you this dream, He will empower you and be with you every step of the way. There is no need to fear. But the deal is, you have to act on it (pun intended, just this once). Dreaming is good, but doing is what brings results and rewards. No more excuses. Your dream is waiting.

You've got the God-given strength, courage, and enviable skills. Take what you've got, plus a proven-powerful script, and go for it.

But how?

Take it one step at a time. Start by praying about the performance date(s), and then stick your toe in the Red Sea by getting that date(s) on your church's calendar. Making that commitment will set the wheels in motion of making your dream a reality.

The journey may not be all smooth sailing. There will be hurdles to jump, no doubt. You may stumble. It's part of the process. But when the final curtain comes down, and the audience jumps to its feet in spontaneous applause and praise to God, you will feel a joy that no hurdle will ever match. What are you waiting for? Your dream is waiting.

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